Are your stained and yellowing teeth causing you to smile less? Want some options to whiten your teeth at home?  Or what about a quick touch up to remove those coffee or cola stains that you just put on your teeth?

Dr. Levey's patients love the Whiter Image® whitening system--with options that can brighten teeth quickly and easily.

Home Whitening Options

For a quick and inexpensive start, the Whiter Image Take Home edition kit offers a unique and revolutionary self-impression silicone customizable tray along with Whiter Image's amazing take home whitening gel. Just wear for 20-30 minutes a day for 2 weeks.For a better fitting whitening tray, and even better results, plus the ability to maintain your whiter smile, we recommend Dr. Levey's custom made whitening trays.  These trays are not a "one size fits all" approach and will not degrade over time.  Since this option involves a custom made mouth tray made from accurate impressions of your teeth, it does cost more, but it also leads to more predictable and better results.  The same trays that are made for whitening can also be used to maintain your whiter smile for years to come.

       **(We always do an examination before starting any form of whitening to make sure it can work for you and that you do not have any infections/cavities that require treatment prior to starting).**

A dazzling white smile.

"Just a small note of thanks for my amazing new smile.  I love it!!  It was definitely worth it!"

Discuss Whiter Image Whitening ® for all your teeth whitening options with Dr. Levey. Call for a free consultation now.