TMJ Pain Relief in Westchester County, NY

tmj-headache-treatment-westchester-county-nyDo you suffer from Headaches or Jaw Pain as a result of TMJ?

Dr. Bard Levey offers a proven, natural system for relieving TMJ disorders, reversing bruxism and teeth grinding, as well as stopping jaw pain! By using advanced diagnostic technology called the Tek-Scan, Dr. Levey is able to gain exact insight into the imbalances of your bite. From this insight, Dr. Levey will make very precise adjustments to the shape of your teeth. These adjustments are designed to bring relief to any patient that experiences the following conditions:

  • -Difficultly Opening and Closing Your Mouth
  • -Pain in Healthy Teeth
  • -Unexplained Headaches
  • -Sinus Pain
  • -Neck Pain
  • -Sore Jaw in the Morning
  • -Pressure Behind Your Ears
  • -Difficulty with Hearing
  • -Teeth Grinding
  • -Locked Jaw
  • -Teeth Clenching
  • -Clicking Sounds When Opening or Closing Your Mouth
  • -Unexplained Pressure Behind Your Eyes
  • -Hearing Loss

Once your treatment has been completed, you'll experience:

  • -Relief from Your TMJ Disorder in As Little as Two Months
  • -A Dramatic Relief from Pain in As Little as 12 Hours
  • -Treatment of TMJ Related Symptoms Such as Headaches, Ear Pain, Teeth Grinding, and Locked Jaw
  • -Relief from the Constant Pain and Pressure in Your Mouth, Chin, and Jaw
  • -Restored Energy Levels and an Improvement in the Quality of Your Life

To find out if Dr. Levey has the right treatment for your TMJ symptoms, please call our office at 914.271.6224 to schedule your complimentary consultation.