The Dual Teeth Whitening Experience

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The GLO Science dual whitening experience provides a non sensitive in-office teeth whitening procedure coupled with an easy-to-use, effective treatment for at-home maintenance.
The GLO Science Professional Line is distributed solely through licensed Dentists like Dr. Levey. These teeth whitening products are the highest concentrations, applied by professionals, and produces the most dramatic results in just 32 minutes.
The patented Guided Light Optics (G.L.O.) innovation combines heat-plus-light in a closed system mouthpiece, activating the professional strength GLO Professional Whitening Gel and preventing oxygens from escaping the mouth for fast, efficient, long lasting results.

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Clinical Study (GLO Brilliant vs. Whitening Strips)

  • No Sensitivity and superior whitening power
  • 100% of GLO users were satisfied with the product after 10 days
  • 0% of GLO users reported any pain or cold sensitivity after using the product