Repairing Broken Teeth

cerec-same-day-crowns-westchester-new-york-300x200Old metal and silver fillings rarely just fall out, but they do weaken your own teeth. Because these fillings (which were state of the art from the Civil War until the 1990's) expand and contract in a different way than your natural tooth material, they cause tiny cracks to form within the body of the tooth as you eat and drink hot and cold food and beverages over the years. Because of these tiny cracks, your tooth can become very brittle and at some point, often while eating something relatively soft, a wall or section of your tooth can break right off.

At Dr. Bard Levey's Smile Design Studio, we use modern CAD-CAM technology called CEREC (Click here to learn more about CEREC) to restore these teeth to "like new" strength and appearance in just one visit. We use a material that is tooth-colored for looks and stronger than metal for longevity. Dr. Levey is one of fewer than 2% of U.S. dentists who has been trained and has been using CEREC technology since 2001.

For smaller fillings, the newest dental technology is very exciting. We are now able to use a dental laser to perform cavity preparations; which means NO DRILL and NO NOVACAINE (more than half the time). Dr. Levey also uses a tooth colored material that not only looks great, but the combination of drill - less dentistry using the laser and the most advanced bonding techniques causes fewer cracks in your tooth than traditional drilling and metal fillings. Also, because Dr. Levey's practice is focused on fixing adult's teeth, he has the knowledge and experience to place the somewhat tricky fillings successfully.

Why wait for the unpredictable? If have old fillings, you probably have cracks, and the best time to restore them is before they break. We can predict the outcome much more effectively and can work the appointment into your schedule.

Have a tooth that has already cracked? Call today and we will fit you into our schedule and get you back to work feeling and looking great!

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