Laser Dentistry in Northern Westchester County, NY

Patient Benefits

laser-dentistry-westchester-white-plains-nyAs with any technology that our practice acquires (and we utlize a lot of technology) the technology must be beneficial in a big way to our patients. So how does laser technology benefit you?

Well, to start, if you have a fear of needles, the laser might be for you. When performing simple fillings with the laser, NO ANESTHETIC is needed. Using this technology, we don't physically touch the touch. Laser energy (light) is used to essentially vaporize the unhealthy part of your tooth. No anesthetic= No needle!

And since we are not touching the tooth surface, you will not experience the same level of noise or vibration that a traditional drill causes.

Since we do not touch the tooth when performing dental fillings and removing cavities, as mentioned above, there is not the same noise, and we also do not risk creating micro fractures within the tooth.

laserThe laser is also a good adjunct when treating inflamed gum tissue associated with gum disease (Periodontal disease). The laser can be used to remove unhealthy gum tissue cleanly and with no bleeding. Think of a scalpel, that leave the cleanest of finish lines and not a drop of blood, as the laser is very good at coagulation.

The laser is not a magic bullet, but is a wonderful piece of technology to be used in the appropriate indications for the reasons mentioned above, and for many other reasons as well. In our practice, we routinely use the dental laser for treatment of many things, including early and small cavities on the surfaces of teeth, and for "gum lifts" when needed for cosmetic dentistry enhancements (ex. when correcting gummy smiles).

We have used the dental laser for many years, and the feedback received from nervous and not nervous patients alike has been universally great!

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