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croton-on-hudson-dentistModern Dental Technologies To Enhance Your Care

When it comes to patient service, Dr. Bard J. Levey has always tried very hard to blend the newest dental technologies with good old-fashioned patient service. You will notice the difference between our office and others. Due to vast changes sweeping the medical industy, most medical, and many dental offices are no longer able to offer the customized and personalized service that we are so proud of.

We offer all dental services that adults need, from basic cleanings and bonded fillings, to smile makeovers and implant retained bridges and dentures. While some of the differences in our office are very noticeable (like the simple, friendly greeting you will receive every time you come in), some are not. Even our fillings are stronger than most thanks to the use of a special technology -Calset- that makes the resin filling material not only stronger, but fit tighter- so it will last longer too! These are the kind of differences that benefit you that you can count on in our office.

In addition to traditional dental techniques, Dr. Levey is highly experienced in all the latest practices including:

Laser Dentistry

We are constantly learning and striving to advance the dental care we are able to deliver to you.  Periodontal disease affects close to 80% of adults, and is a growing epidemic in our society.  We now know that Periodontal Disease is a bacterial infection in the pockets around the teeth.  As such, we now not only treat Periodontal Disease with the mechanical scraping and scaling as in the past, but we are now addressing the underlying infection that causes the disease.  Using state of the art laser dentistry, we now routinely and painlessly decontaminate each patients mouth during each and every dental hygiene visit

3 big benefits of laser decontamination are:

      1) To reduce or eliminate bacteremias.
      2) To prevent cross contamination from one area of your mouth to another.
      3) To kill periodontal disease bacteria and stop their infections before they can cause more damage to your gums and jawbone.


The VersaWave dental laser uses light energy instead of a drill to treat small cavities (where no metal filling already exists). When using the laser, Dr. Levey aims a fine beam of light at the decayed portion of the tooth. The particles of decay on the tooth surface are vaporized as the light beam strikes them. The most exciting news is that many, if not most, laser filling procedures are done without the need to be numb! ......Imagine that, no needle, and no leaving the office with that numb lip and tongue feeling.

Compared with the traditional drilling method, laser dentistry is much quieter, is very precise (minimally invasive), and leaves more healthy tooth behind.


We are very proud of being able to provide our patients with the best that modern technology has to offer. One of the newest and most important pieces of technology is the VelScope, which allows us to screen for dangerous lesions in your mouth. We perform an Oral Cancer Screening as part of every New Patient experience, as well as EVERY time you visit our dental hygienist. See our VelScope section on the left tool bar for more information.

Tekscan - Precision Bite Mapping

T-Scan® allows for Dr. Levey to see the timing and levels of force across the entire bite. This helps reduce friction and impact due to misalignment and imbalances of the jaw. Real-time video shows the bite forces from initial contact to full closure of the jaw. 2D and 3D maps then help Dr. Levey and his patients visualize which contacts are problematic, so these issues can be addressed on the spot. Furthermore, the Tekscan is appropriate for use with the entire population, including individuals with disabilities.

CEREC - Computer Aided Dentistry

Does fewer appointments, fewer shots, and less drilling sound like what you are looking for??? This incredible and unique technology (fewer than 2% of US dentists owned and utilized this technology when Dr. Levey adapted it in 2001) allows Dr. Levey to rebuild broken or chipped front and back teeth, replace broken or worn old fillings, or cosmetically enhance front teeth, IN A SINGLE VISIT. No more temporary crowns or caps. TO SEE OUR CEREC SECTION FOR A MORE COMPLETE EXPLANATION, CLICK ON "CEREC" ON NAVIGATION BAR ON LEFT.

Minimally Invasive Techniques and Digital Photography

Have you ever had a dentist find a cavity that required a large filling, a cavity that didn't show up on during examination or on x-rays just six months before? Dr. Levey's patients don't have to worry about those small areas of decay turning into large ones before they're found.

Dr. Levey uses an advanced digital photography scanning system that finds super-small cavities years sooner than traditional x-rays. Those cavities can then be fixed in a less invasive, and much less expensive way.  Our use of digital photography also enables us to find problem areas long before they become painful to you.

Digital X-Rays

Dr. Levey's office is equipped for digital x-rays. Digital x-rays use only a very small fraction of the radiation of traditional dental x-rays, which means you're exposed to much less radiation each time an x-ray is taken.
Plus the sharp, clear images taken by digital x-ray equipment make it easy to spot problems in your teeth, allowing Dr. Levey to treat small areas of decay before they become too large.  That means you keep more of your natural tooth, and that's always a good thing!

Laser Cavity Detection System-Diagnodent

The Diagnodent utilizes laser technology to identify small areas of decay that are generally not observable by traditional methods until they become much larger cavities. Early identification of cavities means early treatment. Small cavity , small easy filling. Big cavity, big filling. Which would you prefer?

Benefits to you of Diagnodent technology:

    • *Accurate: Over 90% accurate in detecting lesions not detectable with an explorer or bitewing X-rays.
    • *Conservative: Prevents exploratory excavation or under-treatment of suspect teeth.
    • *Quantifiable: Precise, reliable measurement allows objective monitoring of cavities over time.
    • *Safe: Uses light energy-no X-ray exposure. Poses no danger to staff and patients. Painless and non-invasive.

"Everyone is just great. For a former phobic, feeling at ease in a dentist chair is an accomplishment, and the team is responsible for that."

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