Peekskill NY Dental Implants

Losing tooth can be a total disaster. It is not only disappointing and painful, but can also bring you a lot of problems. If you do not resolve it immediately, it can result into further health deterioration which you may not be able to handle for life.

An empty gum needs to be corrected for it could lead into a bad future. The following are the bad effect of not having your empty gum fixed by dentists.

Poor Self Esteem

Many people who simply ignore their impacted tooth or empty gum suffer from severe anxiety brought by low self esteem. This is because they are not able to wear their sweetest smile. Losing your front tooth is perhaps the worst thing that can happen. Likewise, losing your molars can make your face sag, leading to bone loss and slight deformities.

Bone Loss

Bone loss is not only caused by lack of calcium. When you lose teeth, your facial bone could also deteriorate. When this happens, you would notice your face to slightly slump over time. Facial bone loss can only be resolved through dental implants. If you further tolerate your empty gum, there is high tendency that you would suffer greater problems in the future.

Poor Dental Health

An empty is another cause of bad breath. This is because food residue can accumulate in the empty space and are hard to brush away. No matter what toothbrush you use, it would not be easy to remove the bacteria and germs that have already stuck to your gum. Gums are sensitive and when they are not properly provided with preventive care, they can easily be destroyed.

Gum Problems

One of the gum problems that commonly occur in people who simply leave their impacted tooth unattended is gingivitis and periodontal disease. Some signs and symptoms that could show at the early stage of this disease include bleeding during toothbrush activity, swollen gum, pain, and bad breath. Before it is too late, you should pay attention to your dental health.

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